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Welcome. I’m sure you’re wondering who or what Drama Llama Tribe is. I’d love to tell you our story. Pull up a seat and have a virtual coffee with me.

Hi, I’m Brittney Shae and Drama Llama Tribe is what I affectionately refer to my family as. It’s our post-divorce family and it’s not always pretty but it’s what we have. My children are Princess Drama Llama (9), Prince Drama Llama (5) and Princess Gorgina (4).  My now fiance, Ro, is also a Drama Llama. We have two pets, a pit bull named Lokalita and a little cat named General Georgie Ann Washington. That’s who makes up our tribe.

I would like to say we’re a normal family but we all have some issues. Issues I’d like to bring light to. Including being a family with ADHD, ODD, PTSD and parenting with mental illness. So many times we feel alone in the struggles we face. Yet we face the same ones. We feel ashamed to speak about them. I can’t let other people’s perception of me stop me from spreading my message of positivity. Or my message of saying, “Hey fellow Mom, Hey fellow Dad, you’re not alone.”  It’s important to not allow other people to project their own realities onto you.

There are struggles as parents with children with ODD and ADHD that other parents simply don’t face. Some can’t imagine their precious children turning into semi-demons in moments. From okay to upset in seconds. And as parents, trying to keep our cool at the same time.

Many school mornings, one of us ends up in tears. Sometimes it’s me. I get it.

So please, come along with my family on our journey of healing and just getting through life.

xo Brittney Shae



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